While inequality may not be as pronounced as its neighbor India, Pakistan still has a higher concentration of wealth in the top 10% than many OECD countries, and high rates of gender, sexual identity, and environmental inequality. Religious persecution, specifically draconian blasphemy laws, and religious inequality between Christians and Muslims has placed Pakistan at #8 on the World Watch List. As the country struggles with an economic crisis and most recently, devastating floods, the outlook remains challenging even as the security situation steadily improves.

DHA, or Defense Housing Authority housing, is highly sought after. DHA developments are growing in popularity and spreading throughout Lahore, bounded from non-DHA housing, much of it traditional and much poorer, by wide roads and wary eyes. 

A Christian neighborhood, informal and much poorer than the surrounding planned city of Islamabad. 

Karachi's sprawl extends to the edge of the Indus River delta, a massive biodiversity hotspot steadily being reduced by climate change and human activity along its edges. 

New, affordable homes being built in Lahore to address the housing challenges for a huge and growing lower middle class population.

Skyscrapers emerge next to slums in Lahore, one of Pakistan's most vibrant cities. 

DHA development in Lahore's southeast, fitting in like a jigsaw next to an established community. 

A new DHA (Defence Housing Authority) development in the south of Lahore. Massive areas of the city are being formalized for the insatiable need to provide housing for Pakistan's lower and middle classes, looking to escape the country and move to the big cities. Dozens of cricket games are played every night on these empty streets, which will soon by bursting with residents. 

The extreme difference between the classes in Lahore. 

Traditional vs. formal in Lahore. 

Afghan refugees, many of whom fled the Taliban in August 2021, live in tents in central Islamabad. Their demand is to be recognized as refugees, something that the UNHCR and the Pakistani government refuse. Their blunt slogan of "Kill Us" is highly visible on one of the capital's main roads. 

Chinese banks dot the sky in Karachi, Pakistan's economic hub.

Affordable homes being built, Lahore.

New buildings emerging in Lahore. 

Low-income, affordable housing being built in Lahore.

The Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore.





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